STAY 町屋金沢「菊乃や」に泊まる


町屋金沢「菊乃や」に泊まる To stay at Machiya-Kanazawa KIKUNO-YA


To stay at Machiya-Kanazawa means to rent a whole house.
You feel as if you had a second home in Kanazawa.
As the seasons change, we change our interior design accordingly the atmosphere of our lodging is of the utmost importance to us.
Within this you will find not only the elegance of the traditional life but also the heart of the Japanese, which is highly perceptive of the beauty in the changes of nature all year round.
With your family, with your friends, or with the members of your group activity, you can take your time and enjoy it at Machiya-Kanazawa.

たとえば、こんな一日 for example

  1. 菊乃やの玄関
    1 7

    Check-in 受付


    After check-in, please enjoy some tea. We provide some tea and some coffee in the kitchen, feel free to use them. After that, why don’t you take a walk in the neighbors? You are sure to enjoy the view of the old cityscape of Kanazawa. It is also possible to buy good Japanese confection in the neighbors. We are ready to show around nearby sights.

  2. 夕食、金沢漆器
    2 7

    Dinner 夕食


    There are many restaurants in the neighbors, where you can enjoy traditional highly refined dishes of Kanazawa. For guests who would like dinner at our place, catering services are available from restaurants in Kazue-machi. In ten minutes walk there is Omicho Market called Civil Kichen, where you can get fresh foods and cook them in the kitchen of Kikunoya.

  3. 夜の主計町の街並み
    3 7

    Stroll in the night 夜のそぞろ歩き


    Kanazawa is famous for sake, Japanese wine. You can enjoy good sake in many restaurants. There are also many smart pubs or clubs with live music. You are staying in Chaya district, so how about enjoying Ochaya(teahouse) entertainment? If requested, we’ll introduce you some Ochaya in Kazuemachi. You have no curfew. Please enjoy lots of lovely time in Kanazawa.

  4. 菊乃やの洗面室、お風呂
    4 7

    Take a bath お風呂


    Please enjoy Japanese-style bathroom.
    The wall is made of wood. With the scent of wood, you can enjoy the bath time and relax. Or you can go to the public bath in three minutes walk and enjoy everyday life in Kanazawa.

  5. 菊乃や周辺の小道
    5 7

    Walk in the morning 朝の散歩


    How about taking a walk along the Asanogawa River? In spring, you will find cherry blossoms blooming. In summer, you will hear the sound of the stream and enjoy cool breeze. In autumn, you will see silver grass on a small island in the river glint in the sunshine and in winter you will find snow flakes falling down. Or you can go hiking to Mt. Utatsu, or walk to Kenroku-en Garden, for the admission to Kenroku-en Garden is free during early in the morning. Please ask our staff in detail.

  6. ひらみぱんの朝食
    6 7

    Breakfast 朝食


    We prepare for Western-style breakfast.(Optional extra)
    If you want to prepare breakfast by yourself, you can get some delicatessen the preceding day and next morning you will enjoy it with coffee made with the espresso machine, enjoy breakfast.

  7. 金沢兼六園、雪吊り
    7 7

    Sightseeing 観光


    Near Kikunoya there are many popular sightseeing spots. How about visiting there? When you go up the slope, Kuragari-zaka, from Kukunoya, you will soon find the Izumi Kyoka Memorium, where Kyoka was born. There you are sure to enjoy her fantasy world. Close from the Izumi Kyoka Museum, there are Kanazawa Art and Literature Museum. All the books written by Itsuki Hiroyuki, a Japanese popular writer who has strong ties with Kanazawa, are there. Even after visiting these places, you will have much more time to go around. Kikunoya is in a good location, so you can easily access other sightseeing spots. There are some places that you can enjoy making traditional crafts. *During your stay, our staffs are ready to support you for 24 hours. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us.

HOUSE 町屋金沢「菊乃や」の建物・部屋

食事 Meal


※ 月曜日を除く。写真は一例になります。季節によって変わる場合がございます。

Western style breakfast form “Bistro Hiramipan”
Hiramipan offers French style meals with homemade natural yeast bread.

※ Except Mondays.


ご利用方法 How to use



  • 3日前までの事前予約が必要です。ご予約フォームよりご希望をお知らせください。
  • 7:30頃スタッフが配膳に伺い、8:00頃を目安にお召し上がりいただけます。
  • 朝食なしプランのお客様や連泊のお客様等、追加で朝食をご希望の場合、1名様ひらみぱんのモーニングセット2,500円(税込)または簡単朝食2,000円(税込)をお申込みいただけます。
  • ご滞在の方は、皆様同じ種類をお選びください。
  • Please make a reservation 3 days before with a reservation form.
  • We bring the breakfast into the house around 07:30, and it’s ready around 08:00.
  • Guests who are staying without breakfast, staying for consecutive nights, or who wish to have an additional breakfast can apply from the following. The cost is 2,500 yen per person (Western-style) or 2,000 yen per person (Simple Breakfast:toast set).
  • For one meal, all members have to choose the same style of beakfast.



  • 菊乃やでは夕食のご用意がございません。飲食店のご予約や、仕出しの手配なども承ります。詳細はお問い合わせください。
  • We don’t get dinner ready.
  • We will comply with your request like supplying dishes to order or resavation of restaurant.
  • For more information, please ask us.

お近くのお食事処 Nearby Restaurants

白山市の老舗日本料理店「お料理 鈴おき」が
とことんこだわった、朝食のお店「朝ごはん 鈴おき」。
毎週 月曜・火曜・水曜の週三日間限定、朝のみの営業です。

limited time only (3 days a week)” Japanese breakfast.
The long-established Japanese restaurant “Oryori Suzuoki” in Hakusan City has opened a “breakfast” restaurant.
You can enjoy freshly cooked rice in an earthenware pot, miso soup with plenty of vegetables, etc.

「おすしと和食 はた中」内
〒920-0852 石川県金沢市此花町4-21

(Open only in the morning at the restaurant of “Sushi and Japanese cuisine Hatanaka”, about 3 minutes walk from Kanazawa Station)
Open : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 7:30 am to 11:00 am (LO : 10:30 am)