How to spend time
at Machiya-Kanazawa.
To stay
at Mchiya-Kanazawa
The house, Kikunoya
Enjoy and Learn at
How to make
a reservation?

1) Please make sure that "Availability".
After that,please enter"Reservation Form".
We also accept fax, too.
TEL +81-(0)76-287-0834 FAX +81-(0)76-287-0835
2) When we receive your application form,
we'll send you a pre-confirmation email or call you by phone.
3) To rent a machiya you need to make the payment in advance.
We will send you an email that shows the rate and our designated bank account.
Alternatively, we also accept credit card payment during the initial check-in.
4) You transfer the payment to our bank account.
5) When we confirm the payment, the reservation produre has been completed.
6) You make a reservation of a hands-on experience program.
We can give you some advice about your stay, if needed.
7) Near your arrival date, we make inquiry about your arrival time.
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Machiya-Kanazawa Co.Ltd.・ス@3-22, Kazuemachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0908, Japan・ス@TEL +81-(0)76-287-0834 FAX +81-(0)76-287-0835