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Program Contents Fees
Introductory lessons
(You need to make a reservation.)
To know culture in Kanazawa, you can invite lecturers to the machiya and have 2-hour lessons.
We have several programs: tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Noh chant, calligraphy, and kimono-wearing class with a rental kimono.
For a group of 2-5 \13,000
* Some programs require material costs.
* Please note that some programs are subject to change because of the schedules of lecturers.
Introduction to an Ochaya
(You need to make a reservation.)
We can introduce you to an Ochaya if you would like a banquet.
Ochaya includes dance and Shamisen performances by geisha girls.
And they would learn basic Japanese drum performances and enjoy playing drums with geisha girls.
Please feel free to contact us if you need more information.
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