Kikunoya, built in 1898, is one of the Ochaya (teahouse) in Kazue-machi district.
It preserves historical style of architecture of the Meiji era.
Now it is renovated into a machiya in 2007 under the supervision of Muto Kiyohide, which can always accommodate you.
- Room Layout (two story house, about 120m2)
First floor: 7-mat room with alcove, 6-mat room, 4.5-mat room with alcove, entrance hall, kitchen, bathroom, washing room, flush toilet, countyard
Second floor: 8-mat room with alcove, 6-mat room, 4.5-mat room, 3-mat room, a closet
* You can cook with gas stove.
* High-speed Internet Wireless Access
* There is a bedroom.
* All bedclothes are supplied by Airweave shiki.

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