What is Machiya-kanazawa ?
During the era of Shogunate System,
Kanazawa was one of the big cities such as Edo, Osaka, and Kyoto.
Under the reign of the Kaga Clan, we develop our own culture.
We, “Machiya-Kanazawa”, offer you hands-on experience programs
on traditional Japanese arts.
We hope you will enjoy these excellent courses at “Kikunoya”,
which opened in November 2007.

Kikunoya, one of the Ochaya (teahouse) in Kazue-machi,
was renovated into a machiya (traditional Japanese urbane house)
in the historical style of architecture of the Meiji era.
With experienced instructors, you can enjoy hands-on experience programs
on traditional Japanese arts like tea ceremony, Noh chants, and so on.

Would you like to enjoy not only travel but also life in Kanazawa?
Why don’t you stay and enjoy programs at “Machiya-Kanazawa”?
We hope you have another style of travel.
We help you make your stay more enjoyable.

Another machiya is also scheduled to open.
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